Kate perry remind us that she was just like us a teenager with her throwback picture#

  • Kate perry is one of the biggest popstar of our time but she has remind her fans in more single throwbacks post that she is just like us
  • Three years after this picture was taken,the songwriter released heself little deburt album katy hudson in 2001 influenced by the christian upbringing
  • Six years later in 2007 she had the transformation katty Peru dropping the christian rocks genre and releasing I kissed a girl which broke into the mainstrean scene the following year,the 32 year old singer 
  • reminded us that almost 20years ago she was just another teen dreaming about making it big as a famous  mega popstar

Katy took to intagram to post a picture of herself 19years ago and captioned it 13years old me wannabe popstar,the teenager dream Singer who doesn’t even look like she was once a regular adolescent,has had nine of her singles go to number one at the time the picture was taken the bulb and music award which was known to her family and friends as kate hudson and was loving pleased wearing the uniform ensemble of all teens in 90s


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